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In the race for survival, they discover that love may be the biggest risk of all. I read this as a stand-alone book but if I am honest I would advise you to read the first book first. I did not realize straight away that this was a second in a series but it kept referring to the Iron Phoenix. So I looked and found it. It is now on my to read list. However, saying that I found that I did not have to read the first book in order to enjoy this one.

And, this one was good, actually really good. I love these stories because they let me imagine all sorts of things but especially life out there amongst the stars. Yeah I hear you, and no I'm not nuts. The story revolves around the Iron Phoenix who we met in book one. Now she is trying to atone for her actions. She meets up with an old childhood friend who also has powers. The Iron Phoenix is learning to control her powers and while doing so saves her city. Kind of like a super hero. It is really well written. The author has a fluid writing style that grips you from the beginning.

I enjoyed this book very much and I would definitely recommend it. Reviewed by Jane Shambler. This is a well written and intriguing book.

beaus quest triangle of love book 1 Manual

It's the second in a series that picks up where the first left off The Iron Phoenix. Great strong characters that will pull you into their world. Without giving anything away, I would suggest you read book one first book but don't pass on this one. Both will keep your attention from the beginning to the end. I highly recommend. Reviewed by Kris Johnson. This book is a mix of a superhero prose book and a high fantasy book. A hero and villain cloud the night — wrapped up in one person — the Iron Phoenix. This is the second book in this series. It follows directly upon the conclusion of the prior book — which makes writing a review somewhat difficult.

Most things I could say would be spoiler-y for the prior book before I get to being almost spoiler-y for this book here. And, along with the caravans of help comes soldiers. You know, to guard the caravans, not for anything suspicious like or maybe there is, eh? This is an interesting well written book.

Quite enjoyable Reviewed by Lexxi Kitty. Phoenix Rising. Share on. Cover Artist: Jeanine Henning. Read an Excerpt Phoenix Rising. Select format eBook Paperback. Childs didn't feel strongly about it. I think I would rather have been apoplectic over Lydia having made what I felt was the "wrong" choice or warm and fuzzy over what I felt was the "right" choice.


Instead I was left feeling apathetic. I also had trouble warming up to this book because I didn't find Lydia particularly likable. She's got a runway figure, a candy addiction with the metabolism to handle it, and body image issues. Not something a normal-figured woman finds endearing. She also throws candy terms into her speech like "Double Bubble Damn" that are supposed to be endearing but I found obnoxiously cutesy coming from a grown woman. But the crux of it is Lydia's a society girl who's almost as superficial as the girls from work whom she rejects for being shallow.

Lydia is completely self-absorbed, has two men falling all over her, and every opportunity she could wish for. Throughout the book she learns to be more observant of the people around her, and how not to substitute candy for what is missing in her life, but her character growth seems so minimal it was hard for me to appreciate.

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Though I had warmed to her by the end of the book, I think I was routing for other characters more than for the heroine. Despite my criticism, there is a lot I like about Ms. Childs' writing style and her sense of humor. Again, I think I just picked the wrong book. She can write interesting characters, I just didn't happen to like this one.

I will certainly try another of her books. If you're looking for a fun, frivolous read, you may really enjoy this one. I really liked this book, until I didnt. The end is such a huge copout that it really pissed me off.

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All books have a struggle or decision, between which job to take, which person to be with, where to go, etc. But rather than make a confident decision and write a definitive ending she put a 12 year old boy version of a book ending, 'if you think she picked this guy click her, if you think she picked this guy then click here'.

So much potential, yes lots of candy references, a couple o I really liked this book, until I didnt. So much potential, yes lots of candy references, a couple of her sayings said a bit too much, but not too bothersome. Just cant get over how dissapointed I am.

Robert Sternberg, Everyone loves to learn about love

I was thinking of reading the next one but dont want to see that same crappy ending. View 2 comments. Sep 16, Dilsh Wijesinghe rated it did not like it.


Have you ever read a book that begins well and you wanted some more and suddenly piss off you with a bad ending? Ah, this story was kinda like that. At least, she must suffering with diabetes now. At the beginning I thought this is going to be a super-interesting story. All the conflicts between Lydia and Ky-clique, love triangle between Ly Have you ever read a book that begins well and you wanted some more and suddenly piss off you with a bad ending?

All the conflicts between Lydia and Ky-clique, love triangle between Lydia, Gavin and Phelps made story very exciting. Then the story becomes confounded with all the shitty things that Lydia did, and the most puerile ending thrust upon to me, I was in a mood of crying. Over all, I did enjoy the beginning of the story, how the characters were developing step by step.

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How the tension building up between the situations until all the things ruined with the worst ending. And my expectations lowered to Zero ……………………………….. So, I ended up giving 1 star. They broke up two years ago, so why can't everyone else get over it, already??? Lydia has. And to prove it, she's invented a NEB, or non-existent boyfriend. Enter Phelps, a yummy male model, and boyfriend-for-hire. Three blondes straight out of college seem to be edging Lydia out of her job.

So, in a moment of complete exasperation, of wanting to simply change the subject after one too many conversations involving her ex, Lydia invents a completely new boyfriend. But instead of shutting up her boss, the Jawbreaker, invites Lydia and her non-existent bf to the social event of the season. Does Gavin deserve a second chance? Is Phelps more than just a pretty package?