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  2. Sun Stealer: The Knowing (Sun Stealer, #2) A. Mani
  3. Volume 60, Number 2, February 2017

We invoke the two Ashwins, who are both 26 Rig-veda Translation [1. AshwiNs, stir up the sacrifice with your whip that' is wet with the foam of your horses , and lashing loudly.

The abode of the offerer of the libation is not far from you, AshWins, going thither in your car. I invoke Savitri, the golden-handed, to pro- tect me : he will appoint the station of the worshippers. Glorify SaviTri, who is no friend to water, for our protection : we desire to celebrate his worship.

We invoke Savitri, the enlightener of men, the dispenser of various home-insuring wealth. Agni, bring hither the loVing wives of the gods, and Twash'tri, to drink the Soma juice. Youthful Agni, bring hither for our protection the wives of the gods , Hotra, Bharati, Varutri, and Dhishana. May the goddesses, whose wings are unclipt, the protectresses of mankind, favour us with pro- tection, and with entire felicity. May the great heaven and the earth be pleased to blend this sacrifice with their own dews , and fill us with nutriment.

The wise taste, through their pious acts, the ghee-resembling waters of these tSvo, abiding in the permanent region of the Gandharvas. First Mandala 27 1. May the gods preserve us from that portion of the earth whence VishnU, aided by the seven metres, stepped. VisBNU traversed this world : three times he planted his foot, and the whole world was collected in the dust of his footstep.

Vishnu, the preserver, the uninjurable, stepped three steps, upholding thereby righteous acts. Behold the deeds of ViSHNu, through which the worshipper has accomplished pious vows: he is the worthy friend of Indra. The wise ever contemplate that supreme station of Vishnu, as the eye ranges over the sky. The wise, ever vigilant and diligent in praise, amply glorify that which is the supreme station of Vishnu.

The hymn consists of twenty-four stanzas, of which the first is addressed to Vayu, the two next to Indra aad Vayu, then three to Mitra and Varuna, three to Indra and the Maruts, three to the Vishwadevas, three to Pushan, seven and a half to the waters, and the last verse and a half to Agni. These sharp and blessing-bearing Soma juices are poured out: come, Vayu, and drink of them as presented.

We invoke bqfh the divinities abiding in heaven, Indra and Vayu, to drink of this Soma juice. We invoke Mitra and Varuna, becoming present at the sacrifice, and of pure strength, to drink the Soma juice.

What are "they" hiding? Anomalies in Sun and Moon, Nibiru, Planet X, Red Kachina

May VaRuna be our especial protector; may Mitra defend us with all defences; may they make us most opulent. We invoke In;dra, attended by the Maruts, to drink the Soma juice: may he, with his associates, be satisfied. Liberal donors, along with the mighty and associated Indra, destroy Vritra : let not the evil one prevail against us. We invoke all the divine Maruts, who are fierce, and have the many-coloured earth for their mother, to drink the Soma juice.

Whenever, leaders of men , you accept an auspicious offering , then the shout of the Maruts spreads with exultation, like that of conquerors. May fhe Maruts, born from the brilliant lightning, everywhere preserve us, and make us happy. First Mandala T. The resplendent Pushan has found the royal Soma juice , although concealed, hidden in a secret place, strewed amongst the sacred grass.

Verily he has brought to me successively the six seasons , connected with the drops of the Soma juice , as a husbandman repeatedly ploughs the earth for barley. Mothers to us, who are desirous of sacrificing, the kindred waters flow by the paths of sacrifice , qualifying the milk of kine with sweetness. May those waters which are contiguous to the Sun, and those with which the Sun is associated, be propitious to our rite.


I invoke the divine waters in which our cattle drink : offer oblations to the flowing streams. Ambrosia is in the waters ; in the waters are medicinal herbs; therefore, divine priests , be prompt in their praise. Waters, bring to perfection all disease-dis- pelling medicaments for the good of my body,, that I may long behold the sun. Waters, take away whatever sin has been found in me, whether I have knowingly done 30 Rig- veda Translation [1. I have this day entered into the waters: we have mingled with their essence: Acni, abiding in the waters, approach, and fill me, thus bathed , with vigour.

Agni, confer upon me vigour, progeny, and life, so that the gods may know the sacrifice of this my employer , and Indra, with the Rishis, may know it. The first verse is addressed to Prajapati, the second to Agni, the three next to Savitri, or the last of the three to Bhaga ; the rest to Varuna.

Corvin Dalek Releases on Beatport

Of whom, or of which divinity of the immortals, shall we invoke the auspicious name? Let us invoke the auspicious name of Agni, the first divinity of the immortals, that he may give us to the great Aditi, and that I may behold again my father and my mother. Ever-protecting Savitri, we solicit our portion of thee, who. That wealth which has been retained in thy hands, and is entitled to commendation, as exempt from envy or reproach. We are assiduous in attaining the summit of affluence, through the protection of thee, who art the possessor of wealth. These birds, that are flying through the air , have not obtained, VarunA, thy bodily strength or thy prowess, or are able to endure thy wrath; neither do these waters that flow unceasingly, nor do the gales of wind, surpass thy speed.

The regal Varuna verily made wide the path of the sun, by which to travel on his daily course; a path to traverse in pathless space : may he be the repeller of every afflicter of the heart. Thine, O king, are a hundred and a thousand medicaments: may thy favour, comprehensive and profound, be with us ; keep afar from us Nirritj, with unfriendly looks, and liberate us from whatever sin we may have committed.

These constellations, placed on high, which are visible by night, and go elsewhere by day, are the undisturbed holy acts of Varuna, and by his com- mand the moon moves resplendent by night. Praising thee with devout prayer, I implore thee for that life which the institutor of the sacrifice solicits with oblations : Varuna, undisdainful, bestow a thought upon us : much-lauded, take not away our existence.

This thy pr,aise they repeat to me by night and by day: this knowledge speaks to my heart: may he whom the fettered Shunahshepas has invoked, may the regal Varuna set us free. Shunahshepas, seized and bound to the three- footed tree, has invoked the son of Aditi : may the regal VaRuNa, wise and irresistible, liberate him; may he let loose his bonds. VaRuna, loosen for me the upper, the middle, the lower band; so, son of Aditi, shall we, through faultlessness in thy worship, become freed from sin. Inasmuch as all people commit errors, so do we, divine Varuna, daily disfigure thy worship by imperfections.

Make us not the objects of death, through thy fatal indignation, through the wrath of thee so dis- pleasured.

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We soothe thy mind, Varuna, by our praises, for our good, as a charioteer his weary steed. My tranquil meditations revert to the desire of life, as birds hover around their nests. When, for our happiness, shall we bring hither T. Partake, Mitra and Varuna , of the common oblation , being propitious to the giver and cele- brator of this pious rite. He, who knows the path of the birds flying through the air; he, abiding in the ocean, knows also the course of ships.

He, who accepting the rites dedicated to him , knows the twelve months and their productions, and that which is supplementarily engendered.

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He, who knows the path of the vast, the grace- ful, and the excellent wind, and who knows those who reside above. He, Varuna, the accepter of holy rites, the doer of good deeds, has sat down amongst the divine progeny, to exercise supreme dominion over them. Through him, the sage beholds all the marvels that have been or will be wrought. May that very wise son of Aditi, keep us all our days in the right path, and prolong our lives. Varuna clothes his well-nourished person , wearing golden armour, whence the reflected rays are spread around.

A divine being , whom enemies dare not to offend ; nor the oppressors of mankind, nor the iniquitous, venture to displease. Who has distributed unlimited food to man- kind, and especially to us. My thoughts ever turn back to him who is beheld of many, as the kine return to the pastures. I have seen him whose appearance is grateful to all ; I have beheld his chariot upon earth : he has accepted these my praises. Hear, Varuna, this my invocation; make us this day happy: I have appealed to thee, hoping for protection.

Jhou who art possessed of wisdom, shinest over heaven and earth, and all the world : do thou hear and reply to my prayers , with promise of prosperity.

Sun Stealer: The Knowing (Sun Stealer, #2) A. Mani

Loose us from the upper bonds, untie the centre and the lower, that we may live. Lord of sustenance, assume thy vestments of light , and offer this our sacrifice. Propitiated by brilliant strains, do thou, ever-youthful Agni, selected by us, become our ministrant priest, invested with radiance.

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Thou, Agni, art verily as a loving father to a son, as a kinsman to a kinsman, as a friend to a friend. Let Varuna, Mitra, and Aryaman, sit down upon our sacred grass, as they did at the sacrifice of Manu. Preceding sacrificer, be pleased with this our First Mandala I. Whatever we offer in repeated and plentiful oblation to any other deity, is assuredly offered to thee. May the lord of men, the sacrificing priest, the gracious, the chosen, be kind to us; may we, possessed of holy fires, be loved of thee. As the brilliant priests , possessed of holy fires, have taken charge of our oblation, so we, with holy fires, pray to thee.

Immortal Agni, may the praises of mankind be henceforth mutually the sources of happiness to both, to ourselves and to thee. Agni, son of strength, accept this sacrifice, and this our praise, with all thy fires, and grant us abundant food. I proceed to address thee, the sovereign lord of sacrifices, with praises, for thou scatterest our foes like a horse who brushes off flies with his tail.

Volume 60, Number 2, February 2017

May he, the son of strength, who moves every- where fleetly, be propitious to us, and shower down blessings. Do thou, Agni, who goest everywhere, ever protect us, whether near or afar, from men seeking to do us injury. Agni, announce to the gods this our offering, and these our newest hymns. Thou, ChitrarhAnu, art the distributor of riches, as the waves of a river are parted by inter- jacent islets ; thou ever pourest rewards upon the giver of oblations. The mortal whom thou, Agni, protectest in battle, whom thou incitest to combat, will always command food.

No one will ever be the vanquisher of this thy worshipper, subduer of enemies, for notorious is his prowess. May he who is worshipped by all men, convey us with horses through the battle; may he, propi- tiated by the priests, be the bestower of bounties. Jarabodha, enter into the oblation for the completion of the sacrifice that benefits all mankind : the worshipper offers agreeable laudation to the terrible Agni. May the vast, illimitable, smoke-bannered, resplendent Agni be pleased with our rite, and grant us food. May Agni, the lord of men, the invoker and messenger of the gods, the brilliant-rayed, hear us with our hymns, as a prince listens to the bards.

Veneration to the great gods, veneration to the lesser, veneration to the young, veneration to the old ; we worship all the gods as well as we are able : may I not omit the praise of the elder divinities. The first four stanzas are addressed to Indra, the two next to the domestic mortar, the next two to the mortar and pestle, and the ninth is of a miscellaneous appropriation, either to Uarischandra, a Prajapati , to the Adhisha- vana or the effused libation, to the Soma juice, or to the skin icharma on which it is poured.

Indra, as the broad-based stone is raised to express the Soma juice, recognize and partake of the effusions of the mortar. Indra, in the rite in which the housewife repeats egress from and ingress into the sacrificial chamber , recognize and partake of the effusions of the mortar. When they bind the churning-staff with a cord , like reins to restrain a horse , Indra, recog- nize and partake of the effusions of the mortar.